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Here are a few tips to add style and character and help you transform the most humble outdoor kitchen plans into something pretty and practical.

Pantone, the color authority, has declared “Tango Tangerine” the color of the year. Use this warm reddish-orange to accessorize your kitchen area.
Add an outdoor chalkboard for posting warmhearted notes and friendly reminder for your family.
Decorate outdoor furniture with relics from family vacations and past occasions.
Paint outdoor furniture to match tableware.
Green your backyard by adding a recycling center, installing recycled material counter tops or using items made of recycled plastic and recycled glass.
Paint a faux rug or runner on the floor of your patio kitchen.
Repurpose down branches into an outdoor chandelier. Our website provides info on  outdoor kitchens orlando
Add a distinctive touch with a wildlife or tropical mural on an exterior wall.
Create your own colorful knobs or purchase colorful knobs to use on your kitchen cabinets.
With a few basic outdoor decorating tips under your belt, it’s time to tame and organize your kitchen.

Inventory an existing outdoor kitchen to see what needs to be done to get it into working order. Wipe everything down, organize everything and get rid of duplicates or anything else you don’t need.

An kitchen should be organized by zones. Pots, pans, and cooking utensils should be stored near the grill or BBQ pit.

Tableware, including forks, knives, spoons, napkins, glasswear and candles should all be stored together.

If you plan on preparing beverages outdoors, you’ll need a convenient water source.A rolling cart or microwave carts are both inexpensive and great for temporary outdoor storage. You can use them to keep dishes and such organized and conveniently located for fast setups and quick cleanups.

If you do have items in your outdoor kitchen that you end up hardly using, it’s probably better to take them back indoors freeing up space for items you use frequently.

And if you find there are storage containers that have lost their lids, their bowls can still be used for mixing or serving.

Rotating trays and stackable containers also make storage convenient.

Instead of storing all your trash bags indoors, throw a couple of them in the bottom of the trash outside so they’ll be there when you need them.

An adhesive notepad posted on an outdoor refrigerator makes a great place for a grocery list. Update the list it as you run out of items or as you clean out the outdoor refrigerator.
There are more products than ever that cater to anyone who loves cooking and being outdoors. But there’s more to it than just buying a few outdoor kitchen appliances. You need great design ideas and ways to organize your outdoor kitchen.


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